4 Things New Poker Players Need

Every month, a new crop of gamblers enter adulthood and are legally allowed to play poker. They may have played with friends at home or watched some on TV. How they gained interested will shape the decisions they make but most importantly, they need tools at their disposal to tackle the poker world. Fortunately, we have some helpful suggestions to help them along the way. This article will share four things the new poker player needs to give themselves a good chance when facing off online or in a local cardroom.

1] Cheat Sheet
A cheat sheet is something all hobbies offer. It’s a quick and easy “how to” guide on the rules around poker. The great thing about these is that they’re free, downloadable in PDF format and easy to access. We recommend all new players get themselves a cheat sheet for poker. By having one near you, you’ll know the rules, hand rankings, basic odds and probably some helpful tips on what hands to play too.

2] Nice Setup
Choosing to play poker is one thing, but having the right setup is something else. Yes you can play poker on your phone or iPad but is the setting right? Poker should be played in a relaxed and organised setting. Therefore, we suggest having fewer distractions, a larger screen and somewhere private. By having a nice setup to play in, you will feel more at ease, less under pressure and be able to play your A game more easily. Consider investing in a good workspace for improved productivity and your bankroll will thank you for it in the future.

3] Hand Charts
Poker is game of numbers, starting with the hands you play. There seems like an infinite number of hand possibilities to a newbie. However, there is a science to it and knowing which hands to play and from what position is vital to becoming a winning player. That’s where hand charts come in. All the best poker players advocate for hand charts as it improves pre-flop discipline and is a great starting place for enthusiasts who struggle. Invest some time looking at poker training sites that provide hand charts and you’ll be thankful for it. All you need to do is read them a few times or keep near you when you play to have an advantage over your less than patient opponents.

4] Soft Site
Finally, the games you play in matter. Not all sites are equal in calibre. Therefore, we recommend new players stick to the softer sites. These are typically sites that the professionals stay away from. They may not have lucrative rakeback deals or massive prizepool tournaments but they are swarming with fishes. The sports betting sites are the best ones to try as they typically have softer competition and therefore, you’ll win at poker effectively. Read some poker site reviews and play on the trusted sports betting brands and you can’t go wrong. We also suggest playing in evenings or weekends as that is when recreational players come online.

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