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Blackjack and Its History

Casino games and exciting and interesting. What is more exciting is the history of origin of these games. Blackjack happens to be one of the most famous games among the games played in both live and online casinos offering games like 바카라. Though the origin of the game is still under debate, it is mostly believed to have originated in France. Some researchers believe that blackjack was invented around 1700 in French casinos and was derived from card games. Chemin de Fer, a popular card game at that time was played in the court of King Louis XV. The cards used for contemporary blackjack were called Vingt-et-Un.

The origin of this game

There is also another theory that gives the credit to the Romans. The base of this theory is the love that Romans had for gambling. But there is no confirmation to this fact. It is believed that they used wooden blocks painted with numbers on them. The card game made its entry into the American soil during the 18th Century. In 1820, blackjack was seen in the legalized 카지노 houses in America. The rules of the games were quite different than what we have now.

Another story talks about a skilled dealer, Eleanor Dumont who immigrated to America from her birthplace France. She opened a gambling hall named Vingt-et-Un in Nevada City. As she was considered to be a rarity among card dealers, people from all over the country came to play against her.

Modern blackjack

Nevada used to call the predecessor of modern blackjack as 21 even in 20th century. The name slowly changed during this period of time. To promote the game, casinos chose to offer bonus payouts. With the popularity of the game, the bonus payouts became rarer. The rules of the games also changed with the legalization of it.

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