How Roosters Are Prepared For Battle

There is money in cockfighting. The best results in the sector will be achieved if you have knowledge of the best results that you can think of in the sector. The choice of the betting vendor will determine what you are going to achieve at the end of the day. Our observations go to show that the template for the best results on offer can be achieved through the likes of download s128.

You need all the info that is available in the niche to achieve the results that will lift you to the next level. When you are better informed; getting the best results will be achieved on a platter of diamond. We shall go into some valuable info concerning what happens to the birds before the match day. This will be of help in deciding the winning odds.

Get rid of worms that cause eyes to swell

The winning bird that will come to the party fully prepared for the challenge of the day must have a clear vision. Ask the relevant questions on the bird that will give you the best cover when you go out to stick your neck in a bet. Birds that have been de-formed prior to the fight have the edge of having a bright vision that will give them the opportunity to excel in battle. You can place your bet on birds that have undergone the de-worming process.


There is a process called dubbing which the birds are made to undergo in order to increase their chances of getting the best out of their opponent. The birds that have been dubbed in the pen before appearing in the roped square for battle are more likely to excel. This is a feature that you must be on the lookout for if you are to achieve the ultimate in cockfighting.

Spray Disinfection

You will not get the winning odd through a bird that is sick. One of the smart practices that the owners of these birds that have an eye for the top do is to ensure that their birds are spray disinfected before they appear in the ringed square for battle.


The atmosphere in the ringed square with the spectators around cheering the birds cans leed to stage fright. That is the reason why champion roosters are pre-conditioned before the battle. Partnering with the likes of daftar s128 will provide detailed info.

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