Lightning Dice: The Ultimate Game of Chance That Can Be Played Online

Dice games are some of the most ancient ones, so people have enjoyed playing dice for hundreds of years. While the variety of casino games in modern times is astounding and new ones appear every day, players still go back to the classic options. There are plenty of dice games to choose from when you play online and one of the most popular versions is called Lightning Dice. You don’t have to go searching for this game in land-based casinos, as it is readily available for everyone online. You can place your bets and watch live streams in the comfort of your room or even when you are traveling.

What is Lightning Dice?

If you have never played this game before, you should be happy to know that nothing special is required of you. In Lightning Dice, a dealer uses three six-sided cubes and your task is to guess what number in total will fall out. The highest number in the classic version is 18 while the lowest one is 3.

To avoid the possibility of the game dealer somehow affecting what numbers will appear, the dice are placed in the so-called ‘Lightning Tower.’ The dice then roll through the different obstacles in the tower and fall out giving random results. There is no way to predict the game’s outcome, so you should be ready that you can win and lose at any moment. According to the statistics of this game, if you want to be on the safe side, it is a good idea to choose higher probability numbers, which include 9 to 12.

Just like with other games, it is always recommended to keep a record of the numbers you get. In this way, you can analyze the results you get and notice which numbers tend to appear most often.

Dice games at YesPlay: why choose this site?

These days, dice games can be played anywhere, but you should always be careful if you decide to play for money. A respectable platform will make sure that you get honest winnings and can receive payouts to the account of your choice. YesPlay is a trustworthy online casino for playing all types of dice games, baccarat, blackjack, poker, and more.

The website gives you information on different games, provides live streams from the best casino studios, and gives you the best casino entertainment 24/7. Fans of dice games can play a range of different games in this genre, which can bring truly great winnings.

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