Online Betting Laws In Thailand. What a Gambler Needs to Know

Thailand is known for having one of the strictest laws regarding betting and gambling, including doing it online. Nevertheless, nearly seventy percent of local people still keep on gambling despite the fact it is officially illegal.

Such a state of affairs may seem somewhat confusing to a European. Is it allowed or not allowed to bet or gamble in Thai? If illegal, then how to find a trustworthy and reliable betting or gambling service since there are tons of them existing? No worries, you will get answers to these questions today!

To Bet Or Not to Bet? Thailand Betting Laws Explained

So to make things clear, betting and gambling, including doing it online, is officially illegal in Thailand. It is only a national Thai lottery and horse racing that are allowed. If a person is caught making bets or gambling, both online or offline, he or she will get a penalty. A penalty may imply either a money fine or even imprisonment. In Thailand, even owning or selling playing cards is considered to be a crime!

Of course, European people can’t stop wondering why, in such a case, there are still quite many online betting services in Thai that operate quite successfully, and nobody is put to prison. Let’s figure this out.

So what are the Thai gambling laws? There is a Gambling Act, a document that states basic regulations regarding gambling in Thailand. According to this document, all sorts of gambling are divided into List A and List B.

List A consists of bets on animal games (for instance, dog fights and cockfights), casino games, such as slot machines, poker, and roulette. For these games, the punishment will be higher with a monetary penalty and three years of imprisonment. As for List B, here we can find all other sorts of gambling. For instance, bingo, raffles, sports betting, etc. List B games will bring you the punishment of one year of imprisonment and a monetary fine.

What If I Do It Online?

In Thailand, it does not matter whether you gamble or bet online or offline. The penalty will be the same since in both cases you will be doing illegal stuff. However, despite strict law, there are plenty of online gambling services and websites in Thai!

This is where one must be especially careful. See, most of these online platforms operate illegally and thus have a rather poor level of protection and gamblers’ security. So if you want to be absolutely sure that neither you nor your money will suffer from strict regulations, make sure you check the online service you are going to use for playing.

It is better to go for licensed services, such as UFAif you want to be sure that your gambling will not only bring you money but will also remain quiet. Such websites use a high level of client data protection, they have a better level of security for the players, and besides, all the payments that you make through their system are well secured. Yes, they are still illegal, but at least, you can feel safe when gambling there.

If you do want to gamble in Thai online, it’s up to you. Only double-check that the service you are using is reliable and licensed in order to avoid any unwanted aftermath.

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