The reasons everyone loves Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino card games, shown in all kinds of media when portraying casinos or a group of guy friends hanging out. It’s quite the social game and anyone can play it wherever. Some say that the growing popularity of the game throughout the decades is due to many people playing blackjack. Playing blackjack online makes it a lot more accessible for the majority of people. Some might not like the social aspect, so playing online is a better alternative, but there are many other reasons. But why is blackjack the card game people gravitate to the most? Continue reading to find out more.

It’s a simple card game

New casino goers or anyone who doesn’t play blackjack might believe it’s a complicated game. This is pretty understandable, whenever blackjack games are shown in movies or books, they rarely get explained. The phrases are just thrown around and everyone just seems to know what it all means. However, once you learn the rules and understand them, blackjack is insanely easy. The simple and direct rules make it very easy for newcomers, so if a friend is teaching someone about casino games chances are blackjack would be the first thing they’ll teach. Not only are the rules and phrases simple to learn, but they remain consistent no matter where you play.

The availability and accessibility of it

As mentioned before, people love playing this game because you can play it anywhere at any time. In physical casinos, waiting for a place at the table to play blackjack could take some time, but the great thing is you don’t need to play this game in a casino unlike many other casino card games. Online casinos are also incredibly popular for providing many the chance to play a good game of blackjack.

The social aspect

When you play blackjack, you typically play with 1-6 other players. Normally it will be a group of people playing. You don’t play against them; you play against the dealer. This still breeds competition as every player wants to be the one to beat the dealer, and it leads to fun and exciting interactions. When playing in an online casino, live blackjack is the option many choose to use. You can have contact with the dealer and other players through a chat box, so the social aspect isn’t completely erased.

Chance of winning

Another, and quite a major, reason people love playing blackjack is because the chances of winning are quite decent in comparison to other casino games. With an average of 99.5% payback, it’s no wonder why people choose this game over others. Why don’t play at


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