Why do you have to get away from the online poker game?

There are many reasons why you have to get away from the online poker game. Let’s look at some of them:

Online poker rooms are not allowed in the United States of America.

Without any error, you can not make sure that the poker rooms deceive you. Many people argue that cheating is never in favor of the poker site because they already earn a lot of money in anyway. But unfortunately, greed can make them corrupt. And illegal businesses have proven repeatedly, where there is a will (to deceive people to gain more money), there is a way.

Random numbers generators used by poker rooms are not so random

Random numbers generators are complex software. However, these programs can be misused to create good changes that affect the online poker game and its results. You can find many bad beats online. In addition, there are several situations in mind where a better hand loses to another better hand to create more excitement.

Numerous audits of poker sites have proven to be biased or false

The audits of poker sites must always be independent, but repeatedly, audits have been proven to be biased. And recently, a leading accounting firm has closed their independent audits and many US companies have been forced bankrupt because of false accounting.

There have been many deceptive online scandals and offenders have never caught

Many times, players were deceived by foreigners, but none of the poker sites resulted in a single fraud. These scandals often become public because the players did their own analysis and reported about them.

Due to UIGEA, banks will not yield the check of your poker room

Suppose you immerse yourself in an online poker room and win, then the site will pay you. But that will not be able to transfer funds to your bank account. Now the check is another option, but the banks do not yield the check of your poker room.

You risk your own money but sponsored players will not be

According to recent reports, it has been proven that sponsored poker players get 100% breed and are also paid on an hourly basis by the poker site. Therefore, it’s just you to risk your own money, while sponsored poker players do not need to take risks.

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