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3 Key Differences Between Online and Regular Casinos

Aside from the obvious, you may be wondering what makes the online casino such an exciting prospect and, many ways, more exciting than its real world counterpart. While the games they offer may well follow the same principles, the evolution of the online casino has allowed it to quickly supersede its predecessor, and take on an entirely new significance within our lives.

Read more about the key differences below.

The Welcome Bonus

Stepping off the Las Vegas Strip and in one of their dazzling casinos may grant you access to their air conditioning – and a few bizarre sights for which the city is famed – but that’s about it. The average user isn’t treated to the five star Vegas experience right off the bat, and will likely navigate their own way around the casino before they settle on a game.

By comparison, the online casino scene is awash with enticing introductory offers and welcome bonuses designed to appeal to new players, capture their attention, and give them some motivation to sign up with that particular site. This Pokie Place Casino Review, for instance, exemplifies the strong emphasis on the player experience through their welcome bonus and incentives.

Online casinos feel a great deal of pressure to compete with one another, and this ultimately benefits the player; you can experience that five star treatment from the moment you enter their site, and know that they value your presence.


When was the last time you had the opportunity to book a trip to Macau, Atlantic City, or Monte Carlo the moment you felt the pull of the casino? That’s the main issue for real-world casinos; while they are located within some of the best holiday destinations in the world, that very fact is what makes it difficult for us to visit them as much as we would like to.

This is where the online casino really has an edge. Provided we have an internet connection, we can access our favourite games from virtually anywhere in the world. Of course, the introduction of smartphones back in the early 2000s made this even easier, and the best casinos have worked hard to embrace this technology and to ensure that their games work perfectly in the palms of our hands.


The casino is thought to have been in existence since the seventeenth century Italy, when the Casino di Venezia first opened its doors to gamblers. In truth, however, there is no way of knowing quite how old the casino is; cultures have embraced gambling since the ancient world, and it seems likely that dedicated spaces were erected even then to bring punters together, and turn the sport into a communal experience.

In contrast, the online casino remains relatively young – although you may be surprised to know that its influence spans to millennia, as the first basic sites were created back in the mid-nineties.

The real-world and digital casino do, however, have one notable trait in common. While their respective ages are millennia apart, they have both demonstrated a profound ability to subsist through innumerable changes, and to evolve alongside the cultures that value them in order to remain at the very forefront of the world of entertainment.

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