Daily Doubles: How To Bet A Daily Double On Horses

As you start looking over the race cards for the day and see the NAP of today, it is time to start thinking about putting on a Daily Double. In essence these bets are quite simple, but we thought it a good idea to make a guide to Daily Double and look at how to bet a Daily Double on horses so that everyone has the chance to make the most of their wager and the fun that horse racing has to offer.

What is a Daily Double?

A Daily Double is your chance to win big as you select the winners of two races that have been marked as Daily Double races.

How does a Daily Double pay out?

This is quite simple. The horses picked in each of the races in the Daily Double need to win in order for the bet to pay out.

Advantages of a Daily Double

The opportunity to win on a daily double is increased, but the betting strategy involved is still very simple. For this reason, many people enjoy the Daily Double bet as it increases their payout total without requiring them to do more research or reading than they are used to. There are also offers on Daily Doubles that can make the bet even more attractive and lucrative. Those who are knowledgeable about horse racing and experienced when it comes to placing well considered single bets find the Daily Double a relatively easy bet to move onto. Many make the Daily Double a permanent and vital feature in their overall betting strategy.

Disadvantages of a Daily Double

Of course, given that you have to make two decisions rather than one on which horses to place a wager on, the Daily Double is naturally more complicated than a single bet. It is not a bet that you should really start out with and it does take some time and experience before you are betting on the Daily Double with confidence. Knowing about handicapping and how to pick a likely winner are important if you want to use this betting type with success.

The Daily Double races are decided upon by the track management, and so it is important to think about the decision behind the designation of Daily Double races. Take a look at the handicapping and the form of the horses in the race as this will give you a good idea as to why the races have been chosen. When making your selection on a Daily Double, make sure that you keep a clear head and remember that both horses need to win – a cert in the first race is no good to you if you struggle to pick a second runner in the following race of the Daily Double. Some tracks offer more than one Daily Double, and some only offer one. Keep your eye on the race program for the day and be sure with the bet you place.

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