Things to understand before playing slots

They are few parameters that are indicated on few sites for each free slot machine available.  You can also, using the search filters, select precisely the free slots with the highest RTP available.  A really important tool that we offer to our players is to understand which video slot machines offer more chances of winning than the others.


The pay lines of which a slot machine is composed are those active lines on which it is possible to obtain winning combinations if the symbols that compose them are aligned and indicated in the payable.  Some online slots have a fixed number of pay lines, some slots allow you to change the number at the player’s discretion.

A very simple example to understand what pay lines are is to imagine the classic 3-reel slot.  So if you get three of the same symbols lined up, that’s an active pay line. The more pay lines offered by a slot machine, the greater the possibility of obtaining one or more winning combinations.


The reels form the vertical lines within the game grid of a slot machine.  In the Online version, they are the transposition of the reels of the old lever slots.  Classic online slots usually feature 3 reels of play; the more modern 5 reels.


Slot online machines can be further divided into 3 other small micro categories.  The first is that of the Classic slots, or those single-line machines with usually 3 game reels and which recall the old slots that were in bars at the beginning of their diffusion and which recall their graphic and sound characteristics.  The most modern slots are the Video Slot Machines, with attractive graphics, a reel number from 5 upwards, bonus games and special features incorporated.


 These two terms are fundamental for an aware player because they reflect two very important data to identify the slot machines that pay the most.  The RTP of a slot indicates the percentage of return to the player on the total collected.  The higher this percentage, the more likely you are to get a winning combination on that slot.

 Volatility instead allows us to identify the slots that pay more frequently and are less “risky” for the player.  The volatility of a slot is defined with three values: low, medium, high.  Low Volatility means that the slot will pay out winning combinations more frequently but for a lower amount.  These are therefore the slots with the least risk.

 The High Volatility instead indicates that that online slot machine will pay winning combinations less frequently, but the amounts paid will be of higher value.  These turn out to be the riskiest slots ever.  Average Volatility is a middle ground between these two options.

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