Why Do Bookmakers Close Your Account And How To Prevent It

Bookmakers will decide from time to time to restrict the account of a client. If an account becomes restricted, it means that it reduces the sum they will wager. Bookmakers will often restrict accounts that win a lot or are suspected of doing something that contradicts the rules.

The aim of an account restricting bookmakers is to defend themselves. It’s worth remembering that a bookmaker could close an account completely in certain situations if they find that the gambler is a big problem.

Dealing with the situation

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Reasons why bookmakers close accounts

  • If you win a lot

There is a huge possibility that your account will be restricted or even actually locked if you end up winning too much. Although this may not be apparent to you, this is, in truth, the most common explanation that sportsbook limits or closes betting accounts.

If you win too much, it’s awesome as it means you make money. However, if it ends up restricting or shutting your betting account, it’s not good.

  • Promotion and Bonus Abuse

Another explanation that certain accounts would be limited by sportsbooks is that the customer has violated their benefits and promotions. Although offering lots of discounts and prizes is very popular online, they still don’t want you to misuse them.

These deals are provided by Sportsbooks as a means to help draw in new clients while keeping existing clients happy as well. Sportsbooks will pay heed to how much you gamble on commercial opportunities from misconduct.

  • Potential Arbitrage 

Sportsbooks are not addicted to arbitration.  Arbitrage (also known as arbitration) is where you put bets on both results of a case where two separate sportsbooks have a wide difference between the odds. You can earn cash regardless of the outcome of the athletic event if you can find a wide enough disparity in the odds differential.


One of the best tips to help you limit your account’s chances of being restricted or closed is for you to keep track of your benefit or loss on any single sportsbook. Essentially, every time you make a wager and every time you win a bet, you can keep track. With some very simple arithmetic, this is super simple to do.

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